Computer Provision Procedures

I created detailed technical procedures for Epson Corporation, for technicians provisioning computers.

These procedures were designed to be used as training documentation, and as quick reference for technicians familiar with the process.

Ararat Dental Website Content

A website development company contacted me for services. They had a client who needed engaging content for their website.

I wrote all the text throughout the Ararat Dental website, including: Services | General Dentistry | Cleanings | Check-Ups | Cavities, and edited Meet The Team staff profiles.

Other sections under Services are not mine.

Marketing Flyer and Form

The owner of ThermalShield hired me to create a marketing flyer and an employment document. This was the result.

Letter of Recommendation

I composed a letter of recommendation for the prestigious position of Vice President of NAESP (National Association of Elementary School Principals).
📝The NAESP provides support and resources for elementary and middle school principles and other education leaders throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.

When Mr. Cardwell read this letter he was moved to tears, having been acknowledged and understood.

Employment Tri-Fold

Due to this client's employment specialization and location constraints I recommended an employment tri-fold.

This marketing literature was designed to explain the need and benefit of a School Resource Officer for potential employers.

Resumé and Letters

With this particular resumé project the client provided less than than 10% of the content, requiring significant research and creativity.

The resulting resumé mirrors his employment achievements well, and provided many interviews.

Legal Brief and Letters

These documents involve a landlord-tenant dispute.
Upon leaving a rental property, the property management company chose to keep most of the security deposit.
Each document was crafted for two audiences, the property management company and a judge─in the event of litigation.

A case briefing for the judge, and letters leading up to the case are included. The case was won with a judgement of $8,058.38.
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